Friday, May 15, 2009

Fall Escapes

With the winter ice and snow, I am enjoying my time hibernating and bringing things up to date.  It was either working on the blog or doing my taxes... three guesses which one I chose!
Six weeks of the fall were spent with a friend from Italy.  Paola is a freelance journalist and came to cover the election and immerse herself in as many US experiences as possible.  I was most happy to oblige!  The first place she requested was New York City.  Taking the $12. bus from Chinatown in downtown Philadelphia is a wonderful way to travel and it brings you to the most colorful sights and extraordinary foods the New York Chinese have to offer. Our time was spent exploring the architecture, museums and indulging in international good cheer and hearty meals.  We left the excitement of New York to take in the tranquility of the Amish in Lancaster, PA.

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