Monday, May 11, 2009

Two Buttons- Importer of World Wonders

Recently, I read in the local paper that Liz Gilbert (the author of "Eat, Pray,Love") and the man she fell in love with while in Bali, her husband Jose, opened Two Buttons in Frenchtown, NJ.  They share a love of the beautiful and have brought back very interesting pieces of art and hand woven cloth from around the world to share with others.  Since I thoroughly enjoyed reading her book and find it fascinating to learn about the art of other cultures, I was off...a short 45 min. drive from Philadelphia.
Jo Liddell, an artist from Scotland (I am on the left and Jo is on the right in the picture above), greeted my friend and I with an offer of wine, water and/or popcorn along with a hand made fan.  I knew this would be fun!  Not only was there going to be food but Jo was the type of person who just radiated warmth.  She introduced us to Jose.  I could have sat at his feet for hours just listening to the amazing stories he shared with us regarding each piece of art we inquired about.  I am now the proud owner of a sculpture from Bali that brings protection to the home.  In Jose's words, "It is like having a guardian angel from Bali." This certainly works for me!

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